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Black Balance is designed for the well-being of the intestine to balance the intestinal microbiome as close to their natural state as possible. The product is developed using birch chaga and tree extract, developed and patented for humans.


Like humans, animals have a growing problem with intestinal and stomach problems. Both prebiotics and probiotics are important in intestinal function, and Black Balance is a very potent prebiotic that promotes the vitality of beneficial microbes.


In their natural habitat, the animals get humic and fulvic acids through water and food, but domestic animals only have access to food where this acidic compound is almost completely absent. It is produced by microbes, and particularly insufficient microbial activity is found in the growing media for annual agricultural products. 


Our product consists of lignophenol, taken from birch wood, and is also supplemented with Chaga mushrooms to improve the fulvic acid content of the product. We extract the purest lignophenol from wood, because it accumulates lignin, which contains all the vital substances necessary for the wood to maintain its cells by protecting itself from free radicals, such as gamma rays from the sun, etc. 


The 3 most important characteristics of the product are: 


1. Improves the function of the stomach and intestinal microbiome;   


2. Improves absorption of nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract;


3. Removes heavy metals and free radicals from the body. 


The product is being tested for prophylaxis and treatment of gastric ulcers in horses by veterinarians from the Equine Clinic of Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies. Preliminary results show significant improvement and even complete healing of squamous cell carcinoma and glandular ulcers after a 3-month trial period. Use of the product has also shown prophylactic properties, as no new lesions were observed in horses that had been exposed to travel and competitive stress during the trial period. In addition, it was reported that horses became less stressed and resistant during work and competitions every day. Blood tests performed before and after using the product showed no side effects and no clinical side effects have been reported so far. 


Today, there is a growing awareness and expanded study of the importance of the intestinal microbiome for all diseases, for even the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, suggested as early as 2000 years ago that all disease begins in the intestine.


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